5 Cleaning Tips to Help Make Your Office Relocation Seamless

Make Your Office Relocation Seamless

When moving to a new commercial space, you will have many things to do. You have lots of sorting and packing while also determining the various elements to coordinate for a smoother move. You also must plan for clean-up to ensure the place is ready for the next tenant.

Moving office can be daunting when you consider the different processes to cover when preparing to relocate. You also must assess the new place to help you plan how you will settle in to minimize the downtime.

Here we discuss a few steps to help reduce stress and ensure you stay organized, thus saving time and energy.

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Pack Up Everything Before Cleaning

The last thing you want is to make the task that awaits you harder for you when you also have lots of other things to do when moving out of your office. Avoid cleaning the space before you are out of the property.

Cleaning while still packing can lead to repeat jobs that quickly become overwhelming, making you unnecessarily frustrated. The constant debris, falling dust as you shift things that have been stationary for a long time, and the dirt when moving things out into the moving truck will set your cleaning efforts aback. Therefore, it is best to wait until your move out of the office to start the deep cleaning.

You will have a clear picture of the cleaning needs and start knocking off everything on your to-do list once the room is empty.

Identify A Designated Area for Your Packed Boxes

If the logistics allow, it is best to relocate your office furniture, equipment, and packed boxes to the new building. However, consider picking a spot for placing everything you have packed and is ready for the move if you are facing time constraints.

The dedicated area allows you to keep things organized, streamlining the process to ensure your business operations experience fewer disruptions as the moving date draws closer. The designated spot for your office items also presents an opportunity to inventory, coordinate logistics, and evaluate other elements as you sort and pack.

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Clean From Top to Bottom

When you start dusting and removing the cobwebs, please note that they will find their way to the floors. So, cleaning the floors before dealing with the ceiling and other upper surfaces will be counterproductive.

Start dusting the ceilings, shelves, and windows before you vacuum, sweep, and mop up the place. Also, please take note of any damages that need repair and fix them as you go.

Give Special Attention to Windows

Dirty windows steal away the shine you keenly put into the office space when cleaning. Windows are among the first features people see when walking into a room. Therefore, spend extra time cleaning the glass and framing to remove dust and smudges accumulated over time.

Vacuum the dirt, apply the recommended cleaning detergent to loosen grime, and scrub with a sponge before rinsing and wiping dry using a lint-free rag to leave the windows sparkling.

Tackle The Bathrooms and Kitchen Last

The bathroom and kitchen will still be used while everyone works hard to sort and pack. The two rooms will probably be the last to clean and will require some extra attention. The landlord might examine these rooms closely after you have left; thus, ensure you put your back into the cleaning to ensure you do not miss any little detail.

Start with the kitchen, then finish with the bathroom. Sweep and wipe all the surfaces, working from top to bottom. Be attentive when cleaning the corners, knobs on the drawers and cabinet doors, the top of the fridge and microwave, and wipe the switches. Remember to give the floor a thorough cleaning.

As for the bathroom, scrub the sinks and toilets, dust and wipe the cabinets, and mop the floor. Ensure you remove the water spots, scum, and smudges on the walls. Also, remember to clean the mirrors to leave them glistening.

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Final Thoughts

You can handle the cleaning when moving out of your current commercial space or opt to hire professionals to handle the job. Hiring professional cleaners is the best option, especially if time is an issue. You will have a team of cleaning specialists taking care of the job for you to focus on settling in and resuming business operations.

At Evergreen Cleaning, we are the pros to call when you need your commercial spaces spruced up when moving in or out. We are here to help make the relocation process as seamless as possible. Contact us today for a free quote and to know more about our services.

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