5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Commercial Floor Clean

Sparkling Clean Floors

Keeping your office building clean, tidy, and disinfected is a key component of creating a good impression on new clients, business partners, and employees. This is one of the first things that indicate to your customers and partners that your company cares about its reputation and brand image.

But as you already know, ensuring that your commercial floors remain sparkling clean and stain-free is no easy task. Given the amount of foot traffic that commercial buildings normally receive on any given day, it is easy for road grime and grease stain to build up on your floors leaving a bad impression. When this dirt isn’t properly addressed, it can become a permanent part of the floor ruining your flooring material and not to mention company reputation.

To help you avoid this situation; we have provided our top three tips on how to keep your office building clean and tidy.

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Set up more garbage cans

Commercial floors are constantly exposed to all kinds of dirt, debris, and grime. Some of this debris comes from customers and employees throwing their waste on the floor rather than using the designated disposal points. This makes the commercial space unsightly and cluttered. But this can be avoided by installing more garbage bins across the building to help deal with the littering problem.

Invest in dirt trapping rugs

Most of the dirt found on commercial floors comes from the dirt collected at the bottom of the visitors’ shoes. But you can minimize the amount of road dirt and germs that foot traffic brings into the building by installing dirt trapping rugs at the entrance points and hallways. Microfiber rubs are the most effective when it comes to trapping dust particles.

When choosing dirt trapping rugs, go for dry and easy-to-wash versions.

Perform regular floor checks

A key aspect of maintaining a clean commercial space is preventing the mess from happening in the first place. However, regardless of your best efforts, your floors will still get dirty. However, by doing regular floor inspections, you can identify issues early enough and have them addressed before others notice them.

Conducting floor checks is a great way of ensuring that your commercial floors stay clean at all times. This task can be assigned to your janitorial staff.

Seek the services of a commercial cleaner

Commercial floor cleaning is a demanding task. Regardless of how many in-house janitors that you might have, attaining the highest standards of cleanliness requires the services of professional cleaners. Commercial cleaning companies specialize in deep cleaning and disinfecting office building. They are well equipped with superior cleaning products, equipment, and cleaning techniques, which ensure that they deliver the best quality of cleaning service.

Besides ensuring the best results, hiring a commercial cleaning company that specializes in floor cleaning services, stripping, and waxing helps to realize significant savings on costs.

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Strip and wax your floors

Floor stripping and waxing is recommended every four to six months. While how frequent you should do this will depend on your business’s foot traffic. Stripping and waxing helps to make your floors look glossy, polished, and most importantly, professional.

Evergreen Cleaning specializes in providing the highest-quality commercial floor stripping, waxing, and buffing services. This involves thoroughly cleaning the floor followed by stripping the existing wax with the help of a floor scrubbing machine. We then apply a fresh coat of high-quality wax to ensure a glossy shine. The floor is then treated with a fine quality wax. Finally, we conduct detailed floor buffing to get rid of any dust particles. This will not only help to ensure that your floors are thoroughly clean, but it will also leave your floors looking elegant and luxurious.

About Evergreen Cleaning Services

We are a professional commercial cleaning company based in Toronto, providing a complete range of commercial cleaning services. We are renowned for our expertise and efficiency. We serve local businesses, offices, and industrial buildings. With our cutting-edge commercial floor cleaning, waxing, stripping, and buffing services, your office floors will be looking as clean as new. Contact us today for more information!

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