5 Tips for Maintaining Clean Office Air

Workplace Air Quality is Important

If you find yourself sneezing first thing when you walk into your office, automatically you know that the air is stuffy. This means that the air in your office is not clean. Air quality is important, as it helps maintain a healthy mind, soul, and body throughout the day. On the other hand, poor air quality can be caused by germs, dust, humidity, mold, and even poor ventilation. This is bad and can affect the health of everyone within the office, including customers.

Therefore, the million-dollar question is how can you keep your office air clean? Well, here are a few tips collected from experts that will surely help you maintain clean air within your office.

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Consider Using Microfiber Cloths

Anytime you are dusting your office using a regular duster, chances are a large amount of the dust ends up back in the air. This is why we recommend and use microfiber cloths. The benefit of using a microfiber cloth is that it traps the dust while cleaning a surface. However, we have taken an extra step by recommending using color-coded microfiber cloths. The benefit of using color-coded microfiber cloths for cleaning is to prevent cross-contamination. In other words, rather than the dust particles being spread to other surfaces, they are trapped.

Maintain A High Level of Cleanness

An office is constantly collecting dust from the surrounding areas. As such, you will always find dust on your desk, keyboard, kitchen surfaces, and areas not accessed often. All these affect the level of cleanliness within an office, including the air. This is where the benefit of hiring a professional commercial cleaning service comes into the picture. These are professionals who will constantly ensure your office is at the highest level possible in terms of cleanness.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Evergreen Cleaning recommends using eco-friendly products. These products do not cause harm to people or the environment. The benefit of using eco-friendly products is to ensure that no-toxic residue is left, which can affect the air quality.

Air Purifiers

It is a known fact that air purifiers are a great addition to improving the air quality within an office. That is because these units use both a HEPA filter and fan to capture and remove airborne pollutants. For this reason, having an air purifier in your office is a great way to maintain the air quality.

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Did you know that regular vacuums can release the dust collected back into the air? This is possible if the filter is compromised or has a poor-quality filter. This is why it is wise to use filter backpack vacuums that come with four filters. These vacuums are efficient at collecting dust particles.

In conclusion, these are but a few ways to improve and maintain the quality of air in an office. Nevertheless, hiring a professional office cleaning company like us at Evergreen Cleaning is the best way to ensure the air quality of your office is at its utmost standard. If you are looking for the best commercial cleaning services, contact us today. At Evergreen Cleaning, we value our clients and offer services tailored to our client’s needs.

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