6 Common Cleaning Products That You Should Never Mix Together

To Mix or Not to Mix?

It can be very easy to become frustrated when you have a tough cleaning job that needs to get done. You might be tempted to get creative when attempting to tackle it. However, before you grab all of the cleaning products underneath your sink and start to play a chemist, be careful. It is common for people to believe that if one product works, that combining it with another one will make them work even better.

However, the scary truth is there are certain products that when they are used alone are safe, but when they are mixed together with other products can cause unsafe chemical reactions or fumes. Even if the cleaning product combination is not toxic or dangerous, you never know for sure what effect two products may have when combined on a fabric or surface.

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Always make sure you read the ingredient and warning labels on the cleaning products you use – and never mix the following together:

Vinegar + Bleach

This combination might sound like it would be a very powerful disinfectant. However, you should never mix them. Chlorine gas is produced when they are combined. Even at a low level, this can cause water, burning eyes, breathing problems, and coughing.

Vinegar + Baking Soda

On their own, these pantry staples can be very handy. Both vinegar and baking soda can help to clean all over your house. Just make sure you avoid any DIY cleaning recipes that include this combination.

Vinegar is acidic and baking soda is basic. When they are combined, you mainly get sodium acetate and water. However, it is really mostly water. Baking soda also foams up when combined. The combination can explode when stored inside a closed container.

Ammonia + Bleach

Chloramine, which is a toxic gas, is produced when ammonia and bleach are combined. The same symptoms are caused as with vinegar and bleach – in addition to chest pain and shortness of breath. Ammonia is contained in many window and glass cleaners, so never mix them with bleach.


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Two Drain Cleaners

We don’t ever recommend that two drain cleaners ever be mixed together or to use one directly after another one. They are very powerful formulas, and if combined might even explode. Follow the directions on the package and only use one product. Each treatment typically needs half a bottle. If that doesn’t work, don’t use a different product. Call a plumber instead.

Vinegar + Hydrogen Peroxide

You might have heard that countertops or fruits should be sprayed with alternating mists of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, and in between sprays wiping the surface down. According to experts, this is a safe method. However, the two products should not be mixed together in the same container. When they are combined, it creates peracetic acid. This can be potentially toxic and may irritate the respiratory system, eyes, and skin.

Rubbing Alcohol + Beach

You have probably heard of chloroform. It is the stuff used in movies by kidnappers to knock their victims out. It may not cause you to pass out, however, the combination can be toxic and irritating. Bleach should never be mixed with anything other than plain water. Other products like toilet bowl cleaners and window cleaners can contain ingredients like ammonia or acids and should never be combined with bleach.

Stay safe when you’re cleaning or stay super safe and leave the cleaning to the pros at Evergreen Commercial Cleaning. 

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