Areas In Your Office Where Germs Are Likely Hiding

Hidden Germs …

The average office worker is exposed to approximately 10 million bacteria every day. There are also common parts of the workplace where there are high concentration of germs that can be easily passed on from one worker to the next.

Unfortunately, missing some surfaces in the office that have bacteria and flu viruses is quite easy. Now, due to Covid-19, it is even more critical that these areas are not overlooked, especially if they are handled by lots of people and have a lot of traffic on most days.

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Cleaning Routine at The Office

In the last 1.5 years, most people have learned a great deal more about cleaning. Even if you may have an increased understanding, it is quite easy to miss lots of spots that need cleaning on a routine basis.

Exactly What Are You Overlooking?

Unfortunately, the flu season is coming soon and Covid-19 is still a concern. So, we will now look at some of the areas that can be easily hiding lots of germs and bacteria so you can deal with them asap.

Photocopiers and Printers

Even though this is usually overlooked, these devices have many buttons as well as drawers that are handled by many staff members during the day. Therefore, parts such as the buttons, display, handles etc should be thoroughly wiped every day.

Coffee Maker

If your office is anything like most other offices, then you’re likely surrounded by coffee lovers. Therefore, many people will handle the coffee maker’s handle every day. This is a very important kitchen appliance that should be cleaned multiple times per day. This will reduce the number of germs that are transferred.

Water Cooler

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the coffee maker, you should clean the water cooler since the vast majority of staff would use it throughout the day. This includes the dispenser and the buttons. Most companies place the water cooler in the hallway or corner and it is very easy to forget to clean and sanitize it.

Refrigerators In The Office

Any appliance that deals with food will automatically be used by many people. So, the refrigerator in the office kitchen should be cleaned thoroughly and this includes the buttons and handles which should be cleaned every day.

Keypads & Door Handles

Most people automatically think about bathroom doors and handles when thinking about cleaning doors. However, all door handles need to be cleaned as well as all keypads and fingerprint scanners. Remember, these will be touched and handled just as often as the handles in the bathroom. Also, keep in mind that the building’s exterior handles would also be touched by clients, visitors and delivery persons. You should also clean the handles on storage cupboards, drawers, closets etc.

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Conference Rooms

Many people use conference rooms every day and these are not only employees but also visitors. So, even though you may only be thinking about keeping the furniture and carpets clean, keep in mind the number of people that are handling the different surfaces and how easily germs can spread. This means that the tables, phones, remote controls, conferencing equipment etc all need to be cleaned as they are areas where germs can easily collect. It is best that all of these things are thoroughly wiped and cleaned after each meeting.

Blinds & Windowsills

You should talk to a commercial cleaning company so that they can thoroughly clean your blinds, sills etc.

Hallways & Stairways

A lot of people pass through the stairways and hallways and they use the rails and handles. This can cause a build up of bacteria and germs in these areas in addition to dirt and grime. So, it is very important that they are cleaned every day and the handrails should be sanitized every day.

Staff Desks & Work Areas

The average desk hosts 10+ million bacteria. This is because these areas have lots of areas where germs and bacteria can hide such as keyboards, mice, chairs etc. So, let your employees know that they need to clean and sanitize their work areas and ensure your cleaners also clean these areas. You should also have a separate area for your staff to eat their lunch since they shouldn’t be eating at their desks.

Even though this seems like a lot, all you need is a professional cleaning service to help ensure your office is completely clean and sanitized.

Be sure to talk to your commercial cleaning company to set up a suitable cleaning schedule. This will ensure that your office is as germ free as possible and a healthy place for everyone.

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