Commercial Cleaning Protocols for Daycares and Schools

Disinfection and Complete Cleaning

Now that the economy is beginning the reopening process, schools and daycare facilities have started to follow suit.

Below is a commercial cleaning services checklist for cleaning schools and similar facilities that can provide a comprehensive sanitation process. By following these tips, it is possible to achieve disinfection and complete cleaning of a range of surfaces.

 classroom disinfection

When it comes to schools, daily cleaning is key.

This helps prevent students from spreading germs to each other and to teachers and staff. In the age of COVID-19, this requires the use of CDC-recommended chemicals and equipment so that disinfection can happen indoors, as well as outdoor on surfaces likely to receive a great deal of contact.

We have included a checklist articulating the specific areas that ought to be addressed, and while these are among the areas our service will tackle, we are always willing to adjust the list to accommodate your specific preferences and needs.

Evergreen Cleaning is committed to taking all necessary precautions during this pandemic, and we pledge to provide the most effective and efficient service possible.

When it comes to the cleaning of offices and classrooms, focus should be placed on chairs, desks, doors handles, flooring, closets, computer equipment, filing cabinets, and more.

In terms of outdoor cleaning services, tables, railings, benches, playground equipment and sports-related items need to be cleaned.

Lobby cleaning should encompass surfaces such as entrance glass, door frames and handles, floor mats, stairways, and more.

Bathrooms need a great deal of attention as well, which should include cleaning of garbage cans, walls, cubicle walls, toilets, soap dispensers, towel dispensers, floors, sinks, and more.


school cafeteria


Cafeteria cleaning should extend to coutertop disinfection, cupboards, stoves, refrigerators, seating, flooring, cashier stations, vending machines and all glassware and utensils.

Gyms and auditoriums should receive detailed attention that includes cleaning of all seating, flooring, equipment, lockers, storage cabinets, shower stalls, toilets, and the like.

When it comes to corridors, all lockers should be cleaned if they are in use, as well as water fountains if in use, walls, doors and handles, and any other high-touch surfaces.

The entire school should receive cleaning of vents and light switches on a daily basis. The HVAC system should also be cleaned on a regular schedule, according to your building preference.

By adhering to this commercial cleaning checklist, it is possible to rest assured that schools and daycare facilities are fully disinfected and as clean as they can be.

Evergreen Clean utilizes the latest non-toxic, environmentally sound cleaning products endorsed by the CDC. Because we understand the fact that children of all ages touch surfaces often and are prone to touching their mouths and faces far more frequently than adults, we strive to offer comprehensive cleaning services at every facility we serve.


humility in cleaning


The pandemic has truly brought into stark relief just how important regular cleaning and disinfection work is, particularly in buildings that serve young people. Parents need to be able to have confidence in the safety of the place they send their kids to learn and socialize each and every day. Because the health of everyone can be affected by an outbreak among children, this is an issue of critical importance for our entire society.

Therefore, in order to keep fighting against the spread of the coronavirus, our cleaning teams remain dedicated to ensuring that all surfaces with which others are likely to come into contact are treated with safe, yet effective chemicals designed to provide the disinfection results the public health crisis demands.

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