Commercial Cleaning and Air Quality

Commercial Cleaning and Air Quality

Your office, warehouse, or store is prone to suffering from poor air quality. Apart from foul smells and allergens, there are many other contaminants that can lead to poor air quality, each of which can significantly affect your business, customers, employees, and yourself. Fortunately, with proper cleaning techniques, you can improve the air quality of your commercial space and keep the negative effects at bay. The following are some important elements of poor air quality that you need to look out for and how to effectively deal with them.

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Elements of Poor Air Quality

Whenever you enter your office or workplace after being away for some time, do you feel some sort of heaviness or stuffiness in the air? Maybe there is an unusual smell, or do you start sneezing or itching after you enter? To effectively deal with your poor air quality problems, you need to determine the exact cause of your air quality issues. Here are a few of the common elements of bad air quality:

Mold: When a building isn’t cleaned properly or regularly, it can promote mold growth. This is particularly so for buildings that used to prepare food and those that have moisture problems. Mold can not only damage your products, but it can also be irritating to people’s lungs and eyes.

Smells: Strong smells are unappealing to both customers and employees. They can be caused by mold and lack of proper cleaning. They can also be a part of your business, for example, dry cleaning businesses or manufacturing companies that deal with goods that have a smell.

Dust: Though it isn’t always easy to see the dust in your workplace, if it isn’t properly eliminated, you may be inhaling it. In addition, a workplace looks poorly maintained when dust accumulates.

Germs: Whether or not you run a medical office, you can have germs in the air. But by cleaning the air, you will be able to protect the health of your employees and lower sick time.

Humidity: In case you always get a general feeling of heaviness in your workplace whenever you walk in, then it is most probably humidity. High levels of humidity can lead to poor air quality. Seniors and people with various health complications can be affected by humid air. Additionally, excess moisture levels tend to promote mold growth.

Dirt and debris: Dirt and debris in certain workplaces, more specifically the industrial sector, can spread through the air posing health risks to people.  But you can avoid this risk through professional cleaning services.

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How to Clean Up Your Air Quality

There are several ways to improve air quality. Many of these handle multiple forms of air contamination.

Regular surface cleaning

Substances on your surfaces often find their way into the air. Thus, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, offices, desks, kitchen, and other surfaces will help to improve your air quality. Through professional cleaning services, particularly those that consider the type of surface and debris to be cleaned when selecting the cleaning product, you will be able to fight off germs, smells, and mold.

Vacuum with HEPA filters

Many vacuum models send most of the dirt and debris that they collect back into the air via their exhaust. This is why we recommend using HEPA filter vacuums that gather all particles that may escape the vacuum. This can significantly help your efforts to improve your air quality. HEPA filters collect dirt, dust, mold spores, germs, and other debris.

Removing dust

We all know that getting rid of dust from surfaces helps to reduce the dust content in your air. But dusting can get frustrating since it often seems to put the dust back into the air, rather than removing it. The trick here is to utilize a microfiber cloth that traps dust and do the task from top to bottom in your space. Make sure that you complete your dusting before you start vacuuming. This way, the dust that isn’t collected by the microfiber cloth will be captured by your vacuum.

Air duct cleaning

If you fail to properly clean your HVAC system, you will end up sending dust and debris back into the air. Schedule regular commercial air duct, furnace, and other HVAC equipment cleaning to improve the quality of your air. Replacing filters on your unit is a crucial part of HVAC maintenance.

Why Seek Professional Cleaning Services to Improve Your Air Quality?

While you can boost your air quality on your own, professionals will complete it much faster and do a much better and thorough job. We have the know-how and proper tools to effectively handle air quality issues, including dust, mold, germs, and debris. Leave the dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, and other niche cleaning tasks to us.

Contact us at Evergreen Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial to schedule a professional cleaning session for your property and improve your air quality.

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