COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning Expectations Examined

Commercial Cleaning Companies Re-adjust

The pandemic has really made us think about the cleanliness of commercial settings on a different level. What was once believed to be an acceptable level of clean is no longer in line with COVID-19 safety precautions.

Commercial facilities have invested a great deal of their budget into making sure that safety precautions and health guidelines are followed. From installing plexiglass barriers and educational signage to disinfecting common surfaces and handing out PPE to staff members, the shift in cleanliness is apparent. Business owners have worked tirelessly alongside the CDC to deliver on rising expectations when it comes to keeping staff and clients safe.

These same facilities must also place their faith in customers following health and safety guidelines set forth by the CDC. That includes wearing masks, social distancing, and practicing proper hygiene. Commercial cleaning companies have had to readjust to the new normal and work to create a new cleaning regimen that keeps high traffic areas disinfected including often touched surfaces while also using the proper CDC approved cleaning supplies.

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Cleaning Expectations and the Pandemic

As restrictions change and people return to their new normal, high expectations for a clean commercial environment will still remain in place. Janitorial companies have needed to communicate more than ever before to ensure that their clients are satisfied and feel the highest level of cleanliness possible when entering their commercial properties. The post pandemic expectations are hardly surprising, but they include the following:

*Higher expectations of cleanliness for commonly touched surfaces.

*Increased awareness and need for touchless dispensers in common areas.

*Better standards for cleaning protocols in the building.

*Transparency about the cleaning products employed.

Professionals Offer a Comprehensive Cleaning Plan!

As a business owner, it is important to take the health and safety of your staff seriously. It may seem like the perfect time to handle all cleaning tasks on your own, but the reality is, nothing beats the expertise of cleaning professionals. Staff should remain educated about cleaning protocols in your building, but by no means should you require them to do any cleaning!

Our expectations have greatly changed due to the pandemic outlook, but at Evergreen, we know how important it is to follow health and safety guidelines. We educate our cleaning staff to ensure they take the necessary measures to prevent spreading illness while also employing the use of the correct tools and cleaning products. These extra steps will ensure that all facilities are cleaned to the highest of post pandemic standards.

We have changed the way we think about cleaning, and that includes developing new tactics such as using different colored cleaning cloths for different high-touch surfaces. From light switches to countertops, our staff will wipe and disinfect everything accordingly. Our highly durable microfiber cloths are able to completely eliminate germs with the use of our specially formulated and perfectly safe disinfectants. Our staff members will pay close attention to all common areas to ensure that even the most overlooked zones are properly wiped free of germs.

Our newly made improvements will demonstrate our commitment to a healthier world while allowing us to do our part in beating the pandemic!

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Quick Tip

To ensure that you hone a healthier indoor environment, make sure to leave out small disinfecting stations for your customers. Make it easy for everyone to get access to antibacterial hand wipes and disinfecting wipes to keep high-touch zones clean.

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