Day Or Night – Which Is the Best Routine For Your Office?

Nightly Office Cleaning vs Day Office Cleaning

Building managers or operators know that office cleaning may influence the people who are working there during office hours. So some will choose nightly office cleaning. However, which choice is best?

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Benefits of Day Office Cleaning

Day office cleaning offers a number of benefits such as enhanced security at night, improves response time, worker efficiency, and energy savings. Let’s take a closer look at a couple each of these.

Increased Worker Efficiency

Offices contain workplaces, washrooms, as well as other high touch points that are used throughout the day by clients and employees. At the beginning of the day most likely washrooms will start out clean but as the day goes on, they will become dirty. Day office cleaning has the benefit of dirt and dust getting cleaned right away. Having a clean workplace can affect employees and others working in a building. Workers will work more efficiently and find it more pleasant when their environment is clean.

Improved Response Time

As previously mentioned, places such as high touch point areas, workplaces, and washrooms will continue to get dirty throughout the day. When you have day cleaners that will help to ensure that high-traffic areas stay clean during the day. If you have had an air conditioning unit malfunction that caused your conference room to flood or had an employee spill coffee on your carpet, having day cleaners has the advantage of them cleaning up these areas fairly quickly. Garbage cans will also be emptied throughout the day regularly.

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Benefits of Night Office Cleaning

Day office cleaning is very popular with building managers and operators but many still choose night office cleaning since it works best for their situation.

Disturbances are Reduced

Cleaning equipment is often loud and when used makes noises that can be distracting. This can cause employees problems who are trying to do their work. Cleaning equipment such as vacuums that are loud while being used during office hours can result in complaints from employees. In certain situations, employees may be focusing on a specific task and then a cleaner comes into the office and starts moving items around and wiping things down and in the process makes noise. These types of disruptions can be almost completely avoided with night office cleaning and will allow your employees to focus on their work. It is best to clean things such as kitchens, washrooms, carpets, and upholstery when there are no people in the building.

Saves Time

Potential disruptions not only occur to employees when cleaners are there but can go the other way as well. You might have encountered a cleaner who is mopping the floor when you walking down your building’s hallway. There is no other way for you to reach your destination which means you will need to walk over the just mopped floor and leave your footprints behind. In some situations, the cleaners might have to re-mop that section of the floor. You would like to have a clean office for your employees, but you also don’t want them to trip over the cleaning team. With night office cleaning, the cleaners will be able to work more efficiently and will not need to worry about disrupting other people. Mopping high traffic areas and cleaning surfaces can be done more quickly without any disruptions.

Safety & Health

Cleaning teams will have all of the necessary protection needed for all situations. However, office workers will not. When high places are being cleaned such as light fixtures or ceiling fans, the proper gear will be worn by the cleaners that are needed for these tasks just in case something falls. Office employees within the area will not and might be at risk. They will be saved from this risk by nighttime cleaning. Cleaners will also wear safety goggles and gloves while they are working, while employees will not. You won’t ever need to worry about this if you have night office cleaning since the cleaning will not affect your employees. Almost 20 million individuals are allergic to dust mites. Therefore, some people inside your building may no appreciate dusting during the day due to their health issues. Night office cleaning can improve safety and health.

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