Does Hand Sanitization Actually Help to Prevent Illnesses?

Hand Sanitizer and Illnesses

Is hand sanitization a confusing subject for you? Do you question whether hand sanitization is actually effective or not? Do you wonder if it really helps to prevent illnesses? Those are all valid questions, especially these days when all of us are having to deal with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Hand sanitizers are seen everywhere from the gym to airports and supermarkets.

The big question is, does it have a significant impact on the transmission of germs and the cold?

The following is everything important that you need to know regarding hand sanitizers.

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What You Need to Know About Hand Sanitizers

The truth of the matter is that no one truly knows how effective hand sanitizers are. That is due to the fact that reputable studies on hand sanitizers and their efficacy are lacking. However, one thing that makes a big difference is clearly good personal hygiene (like cleaning your hands). In fact, it is shown in many studies that good hand hygiene helps to significantly cut down illnesses and infections.

The key is to stop the spread of illnesses by breaking the transmission chain from one individual to another. The reality is that proper hand sanitization or washing can easily achieve this. What if it isn’t possible to wash your hands where you are? In these situations, the answer is hand sanitization. It is the perfect solution in situations where regular hand washing is not practical or possible.

When discussing the effectiveness of hand sanitization, there are a number of “transmission points” that come up. One good example of this is the handrail on a supermarket or grocery cart. Since we do most things with our hands, they have a tendency to carry all kinds of germs, pathogens, and also food debris. Therefore, whenever someone touches a grocery cart handrail, a chain of transmission is created. That is why these days many grocery stores are offering alcohol-based wipes which are used for keeping everything clean. You don’t lose anything as a shopper when you use them.

The truth is that all of the surfaces surrounding us are covered with germs and bacteria. As has been proven by experts, most viruses and bacteria are harmless. However, to protect yourself against harmful ones, cautionary measures need to be taken by washing our hands throughout the day or after we use anything that the public can access, like washrooms, transportation, and others. It is especially important t do this during the flu season and the winter.

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In Commercial Settings Is Hand Sanitization Sufficient?

Unfortunately, hand sanitization is not sufficient in commercial settings. That is because those areas have high traffic, and the only solution is thorough and regular cleaning. Therefore, commercial entities require professional cleaning services. Evergreen Cleaning has a team that is prepared and trained to use the most up to date and effective cleaning solutions. We are a professional office cleaning solution for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

When you use our service, you will not need to worry about how effective hand sanitizers are since everything gets cleaned at the source.  Our highly trained professionals will focus on everything. This includes keyboards, telephones, and even touchscreens when requested. All of your high traffic areas are given priority, including such areas as waiting areas, public washrooms, and employee kitchens, among others. The key to good health is good hygiene.

Contact us today so we can help you with all of your commercial and janitorial cleaning requirements.

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