End Of Summer Cleaning

Time to Address Hidden and Often Missed Areas

As summer is slowly drawing to a close, your office will once again become a hub of hard work. Before all of your employees return from their vacations, why not use this time to have the office deep cleaned professionally? With fewer people in the building, it’s much easier to address hidden and often missed areas. Below is a carefully compiled list of locations that require specialized attention.

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Lobby Or Reception Areas

These are perhaps the most important spaces to clean in your entire office as they are the easiest to get contaminated by visitors. Any surface areas that people come into daily contact with require disinfecting such as door handles, chairs, front desks, magazines, or anything else that sees regular use. Floors can last a bit longer without deep cleaning, but it’s advisable to hire professional cleaning services every three to four months to keep your floors looking and feeling fresh.

Public Restrooms

Restrooms for the general public as well as employees should receive deep cleaning regularly. Bacteria genuinely breeds in restrooms, and coupled with dozens of daily visitors, it has the potential to cause an outbreak. In fact, restrooms require cleaning every few hours to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria. If you would like to have a peace of mind in your office, why not hire cleaning professionals to handle all of your restroom cleaning needs?

Commonly Used Office Equipment and Tools

Did you maintain high disinfecting standards throughout the entirety of summer vacation? If you didn’t and let a few things slide, now’s a good time to remedy the situation by getting in the habit of regularly disinfecting the following items:

Office equipment such as fax machines, printers, keyboards, mice, computer monitors, and copiers

Kitchen tools and appliances used in the break room

Desktops, drawer fronts, handrails, and doorknobs

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The health and safety of your employees depend on your ability to provide a clean and virus-free environment. At Evergreen Cleaning, we can help you deep clean your office and your flooring for reasonable rates in Toronto and the surrounding areas! We can sanitize and disinfect buildings of any size, and our services utilize eco-friendly options.

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