How to Decide on a Cleaning Company

Tips For Deciding On The Best Cleaning Service

You can’t run a successful business without having the proper cleaning strategy in place. And for the most part, companies are going to look at professional cleaning services as rather than hiring an in-house janitor. This is because a professional cleaning service won’t have a problem coming in after your staff has left, making it much easier to clean the entire space.

Business owner contemplating which cleaning company to hire

In most area’s there are a multitude of cleaning companies to choose from, it’s critical to choose one that’s right for your business.

In fact, don’t just settle for the cheapest one can find, because you usually get what you pay for.

Compare Cleaning Price Rates

Your first step is to get a few quotations from the various cleaning services in your area. And with this quote, you would like to see the exact services the cost is supposed to cover. Naturally, the basics like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and sanitizing the bathroom will be included. However, some can offer extended services like carpet cleaning, although they can also cost extra.

Insured by WSIB

Accidents happen, especially when you least expect it. And when an accident happens in your business, it becomes your problem. Unless, of course, the cleaning company has insurance that covers accidents. Then it means you won’t have to stress about something going wrong and end up paying for it.

Read The Fine Print

Obviously, a cleaning company wants to lock you into a contract for as long as possible. In other words, go through the contract with a keen eye and caution. Because won’t it be better to get a company that allows for a trial basis? You might not be happy with their services, and the last thing you want is to be legally obligated to stick to the contract, regardless of how bad the service might be.

Take Experience Into Account

There is no denying that a cleaning company that has been established for several years carries an advantage. It means they know how to keep their clients happy, which results in them keeping you happy as well. If possible, definitely go with experience.

Ask For References

Lastly, if the company is really established, it shouldn’t have any problem providing a list of current and previous clients. Then, go ahead and speak with the people on the list and get their honest opinion.

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