How To Take Care of Plants in The Office

Plants in The Office

One great way to add nature into your life is to get office plants. With that said, many employers forget that plants in the office can easily get brown, their leaves can droop and even start to fall. This will create a large mess, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing plants into the office. All it means is that you need to take care of them properly.

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Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea to have plants in the office as well as how you can take care of them.

Why Plants Belong in The Office

Even though many people may want to dismiss the idea of having plants in the office, there are numerous benefits to consider such as:

Higher Productivity Rates

According to studies, when you place plants in a clean workplace, it can significantly increase the productivity of staff by as much as 15%. Additionally, when there are plants around the office, it is more likely that team members and workers will engage there.

Lowers Stress

According to a University of Technology Sydney study, it was found that plants can actually lower stress levels as well as improve productivity and general performance levels.

Lower Rates of Absenteeism and Sick Leave

A report from 2015 shows that spaces that contain plants and other natural materials tend to have staff that are happier and report higher levels of well being. As a matter of fact, it was found that 15% of staff experienced this.

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Taking Care of Plants in The Office

Select the correct plants according to your workplace. Some of the best office plant options include the ZZ plant, Sedum Morganianum, Snake plant or Sansevieria.

One idea when comes to caring for plants at the office, is that each employee could be responsible for the care of a particular plant. They would be responsible for taking care of their plant and ensuring it is healthy. This will not only increase engagement levels but also encourage healthy forms of competition among your staff.

Select a particular area for your plant. Once a particular area is assigned for every plant, ensure that they are kept in this area all of the time. If they are moved too frequently, this can cause them to wilt and die. Always allow the plants enough time to adapt to the new environment so that they can thrive.

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