Modern Vs. Old-Fashioned Cleaning Methods

The Evolution of Commercial Cleaning Methods

Everything changes at some point, and so are cleaning methods. Although some of us still value manual cleaning methods, the latest technological advances have greatly affected/improved our cleaning techniques. Although the main goal is to get rid of dust, dirt, and grime, cleaning methods have since evolved, especially in the commercial industry, hence more effective and efficient.

Modern cleaning habits haven’t, however, made old-fashioned cleaning methods obsolete. Most cleaning tactics used hundreds of years ago are still relevant, effective, and practiced to this date. A good example is using hot water to dissolve grease and clean tough stains. In other words, all modern technology has done is make these methods more efficient. Here is a brief outline and comparison between modern and old-fashioned cleaning methods and how these methods have improved over time.

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Floor Cleaning: Now and Then

Traditionally, cleaning floors mainly involved:

– Using a dust mop or broom to get rid of dust, dirt, and other debris

– Scrubbing the floor where applicable to remove deeply embedded dirt

– Using a wet mop to wipe off residue traces of dirt

– Drying the floor using a dry cloth or mop

Although this may depend on the flooring type, a cleaning process would also include polishing the floor or waxing to protect it from various elements and restore its allure.

The modern way of cleaning floors is almost similar, with the only difference being we now use mechanized/motorized cleaning equipment. Vacuum cleaners have taken the place of dust mops and brooms. Vacuum cleaners come in many varieties and designs, from backpack vacuums to robot vacuums and stick vacuums. It is worth noting that modern-day vacuum cleaners are fitted with quality filtration systems capable of trapping even the tiniest dirt and allergens. This thus reduces the risk of allergens and dust recirculating in the air/space. The more expensive vacuum cleaners are fitted with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters for improved performance.

Mops have also remained relevant to this day. Nonetheless, the old cloth mops have seen significant upgrades with only microfiber mops used. The microfiber material is more efficient in retaining water and picking up loose dirt. Unlike cloth mops that only last a few days or weeks, a microfiber mop can last years, especially if properly taken care of.

Cleaning with Soap: Then And Now

Soaps and detergents have been around for many years. Although these have remained unchanged for a long time, modern soaps and detergents come in different types and varieties, ranging from organic and eco-friendly options. Eco-friendly soaps are also considered safe for the environment and on your hands. That said, it would be best to differentiate between detergents and soaps. Detergents, for example, are mainly made of synthetic chemicals, while soaps are made from natural ingredients, e.g., acids from animal fats and plant oils. That said, it is common for a detergent to be touted as ‘natural’ while it basically isn’t all-natural but contains some chemical components. Greener products, on the other hand, are free of phthalates, ammonia, triclosan, and parabens.

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Cleaning Surfaces: Now Vs. Then

Surfaces make up the highest percentage of disease transmission mediums, a reason we need to keep these clean at all times. A clean surface also looks better than when dusty or dirty. These are the main reasons we need to keep clean countertops, tables, lift rails, etc. Cleaning surfaces is relatively easy. You only need to dust, wash (where needed), polish, and disinfect. The difference between modern and old-fashioned cleaning methods is the materials used in the process. Cotton cloth was commonly preferred for cleaning, washing, dusting, and polishing surfaces in the past. Today, microfiber cloth has proven to be more efficient. Most people, however, use a separate cloth for different surfaces to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Disinfecting and polishing surfaces hasn’t really changed in many years. Although there are various green products one can choose from today, most people still use traditional cotton clothes for disinfecting and polishing. This is because cotton can handle most ingredients much better without getting damaged, which cannot be said about microfiber cloths.

Which Is Better? Modern Vs. Traditional Cleaning Methods/Products

Both modern and traditional cleaning methods/products are, without a doubt, effective in more ways than one. From the various comparisons, it is evident some traditional methods are still effective and used to this date. A number of traditional cleaning methods and products have stood the test of time, a reason most people still use them.

It is also worth noting that modern cleaning methods/techniques provide the convenience we need today. They are considerably safer and more economical in the long run. That said, it is safe to say a cleaning method/product is deemed successful or effective for as long as it is effective. Most people will however be inclined to use more practical cleaning methods, especially those that require minimal effort for the same or better result. The main idea here is to find what works best for you. Although traditional cleaning methods may seem satisfactory, you can still switch to the more efficient and modern methods for improved efficiency.

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