Are You Concerned About Covid-19 In Your Office

We can help to reduce the number of germs on surfaces by sanitizing them. We’ll do a thorough cleaning, as this can psychically remove dirt and germs. Disinfecting can get rid of germs on objects, as well as surfaces.

If you want to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading within your office, Evergreen Cleaning Services can help you along the way. We’ll perform a deep clean, while sanitizing your surfaces.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your office will be as cleaned as possible.

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Corona-viruses, including Covid-19, are related to the virus that causes the common cold. Therefore, this virus can spread via coughing, close contact with those who are infected and sneezing. Touching surfaces that are contaminated is another way to catch the virus.

Covid-19: The Best Methods To Disinfect An Office

Before we disinfect, we’ll need to clean all surfaces, objects and contents. If this is not done initially, then the disinfectant we use will not be able to penetrate grime and dirt. In turn, surfaces won’t be thoroughly disinfected.

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Quite simply, everything is clean with plain detergent first to remove surface residue. Afterwards, you can use a disinfectant. We use specialized products for disinfection cleaning.

Products You Should Use For Disinfecting An office

Many products on the market contain harsh chemicals, which is why they can decontaminate surfaces. However, these chemicals will usually linger within the office, which means the air quality will suffer and your employees well-being will be affected, too. This is where the selection of cleaning products and how they’re used plays an important role in disinfection cleaning.

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We can work with you to provide your employees and yourself with a cleaner and safer environment. If your business receives a lot of traffic, then you’ll want to use our services because we’ll work fast and diligently to ensure your office is as clean as possible, which means you’ll reduce the chances of any virus settling in your office and spreading, dramatically.

Infection Prevention & Control

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Prevention is the best way to avoid Covid-19 from spreading. You can either use a one-off disinfecting service while your workers are at home working or you can have it done regularly if your workers are back in the office.

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We can even clean your office while your customers are inside your business. All you have to do is let us know when you want us to to come in to clean your office and we’ll work with you.

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