Office cleaning services fill a multi-purpose need for any organization.

For your employees, you are creating a positive and hygienic atmosphere that will stimulate productivity and minimize absenteeism, feeling like a home away from home. For clients, customers, or visitors to your office, a clean space is like a friendly handshake that welcomes them and tells them this is a place they can be comfortable.

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Do you want to impress people with your company’s superior level of organization, efficiency, and effectiveness?

Partnering with Evergreen Cleaning Service to manage the janitorial services of your office will give you 20-plus years of experience in providing the kind of detailed, floor-to-ceiling clean that will attract the employees, customers, and clientele you most desire.

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We understand that your office may contain valuable equipment and confidential materials, and we train our office cleaning services professionals to respect and maintain both your organization’s privacy as well as its cleanliness. We have been trusted to work with clients in a wide-array of facilities, from hospitals, labs, and medical office cleaning, to government buildings and police stations, as well as office buildings.

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Experienced Office Cleaning Service to:

  • Office Buildings
  • Educational Facilities
  • Medical Facilities / Hospitals / Labs
  • Municipal Buildings / Police Stations
  • Court Houses / Libraries
  • Government Facilities
  • Training and Call Centres
  • Religious Institutions

Contact us for free consultation and estimate for your office cleaning needs, and let our experienced, fully trained and friendly staff show you how we can make your office Evergreen Clean!

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