Office Layout Tips to Make Cleaning Easier And Faster

Tips for A Smart Office Layout

There are many things you can do to make cleaning easier. One of them is keeping your office clean and organized. But having an easy-to-clean office is much better. You can bet that your commercial office cleaner will agree on this one. An office that is easy to clean is not only going to make the office easier to manage and clean, but it will likely make the office run much more efficiently and smoother too. This will eventually boost productivity within the workspace, which is a win-win for everyone.

Sometimes, achieving a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics is not as easy as it might look. Many people will naturally lean one way or another without knowing it. What you may end up with is a poorly optimized and poorly organized office space that ends up being difficult to maintain and keep clean.

If you’re looking to improve your workplace design to make it easier to clean while still ensuring it’s aesthetically pleasing, the following are some great tips for your office layout.


Go for an Open Floor Plan

You ideally want to go for something with an open floor plan design. This is going to leave a lot more practical and usable space. It’s also going to leave less stuff in the way to enhance the efficiency of your cleanings. An open floor plan means there will be fewer walls or dividers in the middle of the place. It will also mean not having furniture in the middle of the floor plan, which could hinder cleaning efforts.

While there are some drawbacks to having an open floor plan, there are also many benefits. Some of the drawbacks that come with having an open floor plan in an office you want to keep in mind include a lack of privacy. It’s much easier for an employee to get distracted when they are working in an open floor plan office. However, with this in mind, it doesn’t mean that you can’t solve these problems with minimum hassle. You could add things like sofas or padded walls to absorb the sound and keep your employees from getting overly distracted.

The benefits outweigh the potential drawbacks by far. You get to clean the office a lot easier, which is likely to lead you to maintain a cleaner and more organized office. The cleaning task will be a lot less difficult, which may make it easier to follow through with. After all, there are much fewer things getting in the way of blocking the floors while doing tasks like vacuuming. Fewer things also mean there will be less dust accumulation, and the open floor plan will have the space free of unnecessary appliances and furniture.

Consider Integrating a Circular Layout

Not every office will benefit from a circular layout. One of the main arguments against the circular layout is that it ends up creating a lot of wasted space. With this in mind, if you have a small number of employees, it might be advantageous to use a circular layout. For one, it’s quite a classy way to set up an office. But what makes it appealing is that it makes moving around the office easier. You can use the wall spaces on the sides to put up vertical storage space and for decorative, design pieces that you may want to showcase.

The beauty of using a circular office plan is that it’s a lot easier to clean. Cleaning a circular plan is similar to an open office plan layout. You get a lot of free space with floors that can easily be vacuumed and cleaned. Plus, with this kind of layout, you are inherently using smaller furniture pieces, meaning that it’s a lot easier to keep them clean too.

Purchase Furniture that’s Easy to Move Around

One of the hardest parts of cleaning a commercial office is moving around heavy furniture. If you get a lot of bulky, heavy, and hard-to-move furniture, cleaning will be exponentially more difficult, and this applies to every time cleaning has to be done. Try sticking to filling your office space with lightweight furniture that can easily be moved around. Being able to move such furniture out of the way to allow for cleaning will make it a lot easier to clean and organize.

You also don’t have to worry about dirt and dust accumulating underneath all the furniture. It keeps you from having to worry about tipping the furniture and falling over while cleaning is underway since the individual pieces can be moved completely out of the way. It will also make it a lot easier to move things around and reorganize them when the time comes. With time, you may feel like the look is getting stale, and you may want to spruce up the space by moving things around from time to time.


Remove Carpets

Carpets bring several benefits to your office space. They not only provide reliable soundproofing but also protect the floors from damage too. The problem with carpets is that they also come with many drawbacks, which makes them something to avoid in some spaces. The downsides might simply not be worth it. They tend to get extremely dirty very quickly, especially in high-traffic office spaces. Some carpets will also require specialized care when it comes to cleaning. As such, it’s wise to avoid them entirely.

Getting rid of carpeting will simplify office cleaning tasks substantially. Carpets require a lot of maintenance and typically don’t do well with wear and tear. There are many alternatives you could choose from, including vinyl and laminate. Hardwood is considerably easier to maintain compared to carpets.

Get Things Out of Sight

Putting up a clean desk policy in your office may help make things much easier to keep clean. This is simple logic. When there are fewer things out, there’s less to worry about accumulating dust. You also end up spending less time cleaning. It does not only help your commercial cleaners but also makes your workers much more productive and efficient.

You have to invest in high-quality storage solutions for this to happen. You ideally want solutions that take the clutter and get it out of sight. Try finding closable cabinets and drawers that you can add to your office space to keep everything more organized.

 It’s also wise to convert much of the paperwork into digital files. This is a great option when it comes to minimizing clutter and getting the space to look cleaner much more quickly. Go paperless and see yourself saving a lot of storage space and making everything a lot easier to maintain and keep clean.

Changing the office layout might make the office a lot easier to keep clean and maintain. Use the tips outlined above and you could change the layout of your office to make the cleaning tasks a lot easier. It also helps to improve the productivity of your employees across the board.

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